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Hagerty Employee

What If? 2014 Chrysler TC by Maserati | Hagerty Media

Welcome to What If, a new feature from imaginative illustrator Abimelec Arellano and Hagerty. We'll be taking you back in time-and possibly forward into the future-to meet alternative-universe automobiles. Even better, our time machine is working well enough to bring "short take" reviews along with the photographs and advertisements.

This "article" is about as bad as those "Imaginary Stories" that DC Comics used to pass off when nothing remotely believable could be summoned forth.

Sure, the original Chrysler TC was an abomination in every sense; so why revisit it?
Walter stopped his sarcophagus-spinning... don't disturb him anymore.

It's all in fun; Abimelec comes up with visual ideas and there's a story to go along. Certainly there have been worse decisions made in the auto business than the TC boondoggle, and most of them recently have batteries under the floor.
New Driver

My 1991 "abomination" laughs its triple black Mitsubishi powered heart out as Sinatra croons from the sound system.
At 68,000 miles she's still running strong and My wife and I love her. We'll keep her garaged and running as long as possible.
BTW - of the 7300 produced only 870 were black. Don't know how many also had the black interior.

Want to revitalize Chrysler? Build this along with a big coupe.

They could create a hologram of Sinatra to endorse this.

Pit Crew

Car companies throw money around on a scale that would make most people vomit. So when a really dingbat idea manages to sneak through the cracks, it's cause for some major jaw-dropping. (The Cadillac Allante also had its own fleet of 747's). By the way, is the period supposed to be inside the brackets or out? Anyway, thanks for the honorable mention to us Canadian hosers. That there Truck and Passenger sounds interesting - where can I get a prescription?
Pit Crew

Still trying to decide: white/red or blue/blue? This would’ve partly filled a void left when the last GM B-platform convertible was sold. I guess a Jeep is as close as we’ll get to adult rear seat leg room and no top…

I think my mother would have bought one of these. She bought (and replaced) the original. 😄
Pit Crew

It looks a thousand times better than the original TC. I actually think that blackout version is pretty badass.
Pit Crew

Just came upon this story and accompanying renderings & wanted to say I got a kick out of them--the TC is the perfect basis for a comedic reboot like this, and I love the obvious amount of effort that went into the renderings. Please send me one of those Maserati-with-Chrysler-wings badges, and keep up the good work!

Same issue as the original too much Chrysler and not enough Maserati. 


This is like slapping a Ferrari emblem on a CTS Cadillac.  Both may be decent cars but the one does not represent the brand or heritage. 


Discount luxury does not work well for high end names and have destroyed once great names. 


Taking a very old Benz platform that has under pinned a old discounted Chrysler design and putting on a Italian badge is not how you create a classic. To do this just keep the Chrysler badge and chop the top, 


This would have been funny if it were not already an old joke. My grand dad said son never tell a joke that was not funny twice. 


What about we just forget this? 


Fun and silly.

300 should have been available as a 2 door coupe, wagon (2 and 4 door) and convertible all along.

AWD Hellcat them right now and you wouldn't even need a new "platform". This would be big buzz to fanbase that would actually buy them whether various magazines liked them or not.

There's quite a few "conversion convertible" images out there of late model 300s, but while I like Phaetons, I don't think these qualify to me (not cohesive design).