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What If? 1997 Lexus LF-A Hagerty

Lexus has risen to the top rank of luxury cars in short order. After a rigorous “Five Seasons” test in which we covered more than 27,500 miles traveling around Michigan, we called the 1990 LS400 “the greatest car to ever possess wheels, a car of greatness that greatly shocks you with how great it is.” In 1992, we subjected the new SC400 coupe to the same “Five Seasons” test. This time we covered 36,468 miles in the course of traveling to high school reunions, first dates, and all sorts of other places you wouldn’t want to be seen in the kind of cars we actually own. Our verdict? 


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

Cars like this just never had that it factor. Like many items from Japan they bring us much reliability and engineering but they lack that emotional connection many have with many vehicles. 

Honda built a better Harley yet it is still not a Harley. The NSX was a better Ferrari but never was a Ferrari. 

Lexus for sure built some great cars but for the most part they were just a better Buick. The LF-A was the better GN but it will never be a Grand National.