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What If? 1989 Dodge Daytona and Chrysler Imperial … By Lamborghini

re you tired of waiting for Chrysler’s new TC by Maserati? So are we—it’s been almost two years since the exotic Milanese take on the K-car was scheduled for its debut, and the production line is just getting set up now. The new Italian convertible will no doubt be a serious competitor to the Eldorado and 380SL, but it will also no doubt be hard to get.


In the meantime, Chrysler’s dealers are crying out for some high-end product to take advantage of the American recovery from last year’s Black Monday. Chrysler itself is trying to turn its recent acquisition of Lamborghini from the debit side of the ledger to the side where the shareholders are happy. Put these two things together, and you get a pair of feisty, Lamborghini-badged takes on the evergreen, and hugely malleable, FWD ChryCo platform that arrived eight years ago wearing Reliant and Aries badges ...


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Did you know that in 1989 Chrysler built a Lamborghini Daytona? It was called the Decepzione and used AWD to transfer 250 hp from its Jalpa V8 to the ground.


I knew that --- our illustrator didn't, which makes his decision to create these images even crazier!

Great rendition of a Chrysler/Dodge Lambo. I was a designer for Chrysler at the time and believe me these are better than any K car we were working on at the time. Can you say Dodge Dynasty Velocity package!