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Hagerty Employee

What If? 1987 Dodge Charger Hellcat

Welcome to What If, a new feature from imaginative illustrator Abimelec Arellano and Hagerty. We'll be taking you back in time-and possibly forward into the future-to meet alternative-universe automobiles. Even better, our time machine is working well enough to bring "short take" reviews along with the photographs and advertisements.

Now there is a question no one asked!


Leave it with the Shelby version as that was enough. 


With it’s typically missing floors, the L body Charger would break in two.
Intermediate Driver

This is so spot on for the buff books back then (those numbers were *good* for nearly *any* car back in that day) it's eerie.

A 220 horse "Hellcat?" Yeah, 1987. Malaise hadn't really left yet. We were celebrating 225 Horse V8 Mustangs and Camaros as a new vanguard of performance that year. The GNX 276hp was almost inconceivable by itself, and only available that year.
Advanced Driver

Where's my dodge rampage hellcat? Or even rampage with a neon ACR powertrain swapped in. I've got a sickness and the only cure is old mopar stuff that wasn't worth a damn the day it was built.
Pit Crew

Put some white graphics on the Plum Crazy and I’ll take one!

I've been to Milan Dragway with Erich and worked with him on the Viper team. He is a heck of an engineer and a great person. As far as I know, he is still at Chrysler. I also owned an '87 Charger GLHS. I enjoyed the heck out of that car. It knocked down 30 mpg, would do 135 mph (I did that a couple times on I-75) and I put 90K trouble free miles on it. Bought it used in 1990 for $6500 and sold it around 2006 for $6000.
Intermediate Driver

What a cool new column!
New Driver

I'd love to find one of these with the 2.6 Mitsubishi 4cyl. You can easily get 450 to 520 out of that motor with a turbo and stock cam .
New Driver

This car never came with the 2.6. You're confusing it with the Station/Conquest, which was a totally different platform.
New Driver

Autocorrect stinks. I meant Starion not Station.