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What If? 1986 Corolla 4×4 SR5

Toyota has a mountain to climb, to put it mildly. Their Corolla has to face Honda’s wondrous Civic in today’s showrooms, a task to be wished on no man or company. Their front-wheel-drive sedan doesn’t have the joie de vivre of a Honda — but on the sporting side of the equation it’s even worse. Who would buy a 1986 Corolla SR5 or GT-S liftback, with their old-fashioned rear-wheel-drive layout and miserable space efficiency, when there’s a frisky Civic CRX on the table? These old-style Corollas are thin on the ground, even near our Oldport Beach headquarters, and for good reason. Young drivers just aren’t interested in something that will “fishtail” at a moment’s notice, particularly around dangerous mountain roads ... 


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