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What If? 1977 Cadillac Escalade

Welcome to What If, a new feature from imaginative illustrator Abimelec Arellano and Hagerty. We’ll be taking you back in time—and possibly forward into the future—to meet alternative-universe automobiles.


Didja ever hear the story about the time Rolls-Royce sent a representative out to chastise a pig farmer? They’d heard a story that a very wealthy fellow in the English countryside was using his Silver Cloud to haul his prize pigs to exhibitions. So the boys from Crewe went out to his mansion, knocked on his door, and waited for him to answer ...


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Put a double opera window in that rear side window to really give us that 70s vibe.


Padded vinyl top too, it would have been a special order to not have one likely.



Good job on this. I do think some of the earlier 60s Cadillac front end styling ideas would actually work better. This front end looks like some of the custom vans of the era that rather obviously just jammed something on there.