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Hagerty Employee

What If? 1970 Bronco Raptor

You all know Ford’s far-out little jeep, the buckin’ Bronco—but it’s always been a little square when compared to the groovy International Scout. You also know that Ford hasn’t gotten a lot of traction with sales, probably because the market for “utility wagons” is always going to be limited to beach bums, forest rangers, and people who live in Southern California. Imagine giving up the comfort of a modern standard Ford sedan so you can bounce around on top of a little truck! Crazy, right?


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Intermediate Driver

$4500- no way- my '69 Torino GT Fastback, 390/4spd was only $3000 new in the day and with the bench seat it was as much fun parked as moving..........

Pit Crew

Even Ford back in the day wasn't dumb enough to drop the 390 c.i. lump into something as crude as a 1st-gen Bronco. Probably not much different from putting the same engine in a Model A without upgrading everything else.

New Driver

Interesting but didn't the Stroppe Baja fit that early "Raptor" market in the 70's?   Maybe I'm missing the point of this article but if you ever want to see, photograph, or simply take a ride in a Stroppe Baja I have one here in SE Michigan I'd be happy to share.

Intermediate Driver

I agree, Mike.  Stroppe built the Raptor equivalent long before we had Raptors.  


Love it and at $4999 ! Sweet can I have one of each color ? 

Intermediate Driver

"Utility wagons are only for beach bums, forest rangers and people who live in southern California"

I think they figured out that wasn't the case in the 90's.

Intermediate Driver

But the first SUV, Lexus RX, was more than a few steps up from the Bronco.  I drove a '69 Bronco for a couple of years.  Terrible gas mileage and really squirrely at all but trail speeds.  


Yes, but the article, like the photos, came out of a time machine from 1969 --- which is to say they aren't real. This is fiction. 

New Driver

If I owned one today the first thing I'd do is replace that prehistoric pushrod lump in the engine bay with a Coyote, 19" alloys, fit the largest diameter brake discs I could find, and 6 piston calipers! Now that would be a seriously fun driver..and stopper!

Advanced Driver

I'd love to have that fake ad in poster form suitable for framing.


Drop us a note ---

Intermediate Driver


I DO have a "spare" FE block and a couple sets of heads in the shed - and my Bronco IS a '70 wagon...428CJ 'tribute'???

Now accepting "cash donations"!  HA!HA!HA!



I think they could have taken this a step further, and mocked up a couple "barn finds" of 1970 Bronco Raptors 🙂


Love the 1970-esque graphics, but the dinosaur in the logo has to go.  I'm pretty sure in 1970 "Raptor" would have been a reference to a bird of prey, since no one outside of paleontology circles would associate "raptor" with a dinosaur (before Jurassic Park).

New Driver

Looks silly to me. A 4 wheeled pumpkin and a lime. (YAWN)


I don't think we're living in a time when these kinds of trucks are appropriate. I also don't understand the ridiculous prices for these. I owned a normal Bronco once, it was fine for what it was, sold it, and who cares? I wonder if this is a part of our overall irrational behavior? I haven''t had my coffee yet.


Perhaps because you no longer own that bronco? Was up for a sunrise surf at 430 am in New England and several coffees in. My 68 I bought for $1700 is in storage that I bought in GA in 88 is now worth 35,000 


I like the concept for the article, but don't like the what if you picked:  a 390 cid V8 in a 70 Bronco is just a bad idea (and probably from someone who misses its off road appeal all together).  I am afraid the new Bronco will be from the same mind-set and not meet or live up to the original Bronco.  Again, I like the article concept, but I think this one missed the target.  How about a 70 Boss 302 Maverick or 72 Boss 429 LTD police package?  Maybe a 1980's Pinto SVO edition  or Escort convertible SVO edition (the Escort convertible was only available in Europe, too bad, would have been a nice VW GTI  alternative)?  Keep trying.  Maybe find a good photoshop guy instead of looking for real car. 


There are a lot more of these coming your way. Not all of them will amuse everyone...


I had a friend in high school (early 80's) who had a 70 Bronco that we dropped a 1969 Boss 302 engine in to! 4 speed wide ratio tranny, aftermarket aluminum intake (taller than stock I believe), still mechaincal lifters but a higher profile/lift cam than stock, newer big CFM Holley double pumper.

Quarters/fenders were cut and flared. Good sized BFG meats putting the power down.

Talk about a little truck that could boogie on the streets!

Off road the thing was insane!

I think it could climb a vertical wall with the power/weight ratio that thing had...

Ahhh, the good old days...


I'd hardly classify a F-150 with a weak 302 a "Super Truck"  but ymmv.

Intermediate Driver

I would go with the 1971 BOSS 351 in it along with the shaker hood scoop. In Acapulco blue Mustang color.

Intermediate Driver

Did a motor for my buddy’s Bronco. 351 with 3 2 barrels! Did a 4 wheel drive burn out on a freshly paved black top road....left 4 2 inch deep tire marks for a couple yards! This Bronco made Jeep trails.


To me, these first-gen Broncos are tiny inside and a short wheelbase, much like an oversized Samurai... I don't get the attraction at all... The Blazers on the other hand had useful space and a better more  stable footprint...

Pit Crew

I had a guy offer me a bronc with a 302 in as part of a swap for a GTHO Phase 3 back in the 90's. I took it for a drive and honestly I thought it was the most unstable thing I had ever driven, My landcruiser would have run rings round it for handling, power isn't everything it's no good having the fastest truck if you end up on your roof!


I thought U stole my comment to all those here seeking the new bronk. "Whadaya think it will B like?" I said "If it is similar to the old but has the Raptor underneath it'll B great.  Otherwise I think it's another Ridgeline." Now I C they may have a division "Bronco" - a 2 dor, 4 dor - each in several models, and another with a Gladiator challenge. Ford DID say they were gunna stop making sedans, no?

Intermediate Driver

As long as you're dreaming, why not a 428?

Intermediate Driver

Probably not as I was two years old in 1970...  that said, with that amount of money, I'd be looking for V-12 Packards and similar Cadillacs when they were still affordable.


What is with the infatuation of redoing an Old Classic and making it into something that it wasn’t designed to be. In this new world there are just to many people who are long on cash and short on brains. I can see building a whole new whatever which one day will hopefully be it’s own Classic. There seems to be a total lack of imagination when it comes to building cars, new cars. The manufactures retire a brand then bring it back years later as something new, well it’s not new it belonged to another era. So when it’s retired it should stay retired. For the money people are paying for for these new cars the **bleep** engineers and designers should start earning their fat salaries and design something new, just like their fathers and grandfathers used to do.... cars are built better, more reliable, more powerful today but still is there anything really new today that 50 years from now they will want to make it again....




Yea to be honest. Love the bug-out factor.