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Hagerty Employee

What If? 1966 Ford F-100 Lightning

The humble “pick-’em-up truck,” familiar to most as the daily conveyance of plumbers, pipefitters, and other tradesmen, has certainly been putting on airs lately. Consider, if you will, Ford’s “F-100,” a common example of the breed. Last year, it acquired a “Twin I-Beam” front suspension device, presumably meant to reduce the bouncing of wrenches and whatnot in the workman’s cabin during operation. The advisability of such a change seems dubious; surely the average laborer possesses no princess-in-the-pea sensitivity to potholes whatsoever and will merely use the resulting additional road-handling compliance to increase the speed at which he returns to his domicile at the end of the day to indulge in a typical evening of drunkenness, spousal abuse, and consumption of low-class music by “The Beat-les,” “Muddied Waters,” and so forth.


Nevertheless, the Ford Motor Company’s irresponsible gratification of the proletariat appears to be proceeding apace with the introduction of a “F-100 Lightning” truck.


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New Driver

It looks a lot like the Crown Hick truck built by Hot Rod garage. And it probably attains the same irresponsible speeds !


I'm pretty close to a Lightening. I have a 65' Mercury stepside with the lungs of an 87' Mustang makin er go! It's an EFI with the original 3 in the tree. My dad bought her new and I still got it today. She is a blast to rat around in.


Spectacular! I can't wait to see the Pagan Science Monitor's response to the Mercury version of this truck; sold up in Canada eh? I believe it was call the Royale or possible the Grande Ranch? I seem to remember there was rumor of a supercharged version of the 7 litre for a late run option. Or was that a lowered version with huge tires and anti-roll bars, painted in dark blue and white called the GT-80.