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Hagerty Employee

What If? 1953 Mid-Engine Corvette

Welcome to What If, a new feature from imaginative illustrator Abimelec Arellano and Hagerty. We’ll be taking you back in time—and possibly forward into the future—to meet alternative-universe automobiles.


Chevrolet wanted us to drive their new “Corvette” (which is named after a kind of battleshippin’ aircraft carrier or something) so bad that they had us meet them at the Waldorf-Astoria and then sent us out for an exclusive boogie in their new dancin’ shoes! It’s a two-seat “Sports car,” just like an MG or Jowett Jupiter, with one major difference: Instead of a regular four-cylinder or six-cylinder engine up front, this bad boy has the engine between the driver and the rear wheels, in what some people are calling a “mid-engine” design...


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Interesting concepts: the mid-engine C1, and the article premise itself.


I'd be interested to see a C1 put (forced?) onto other generations and platforms as well. It would be an interesting study in design... think how outrageous the mods would be to do C1 in relative correct looking proportion on an H2 Hummer platform for example.


Sure it will be cool to see other things given this treatment. I just think the idea of the C1 as an experiment constant is intriguing too.


I'm also amused at the challenge of the writer aping the ad-style of various time periods and areas. The old Hagerty forums showed us the unique approach early VW ads for North America took for example.

Pit Crew

I absolutely love the idea of this concept.  Long ago I used a CAD program to create my own 1980 Mid-engine Corvette.  It never got past the paper stage but the idea has been a shadow in my mind ever since.  I'd love to see your take on that effort.

Pit Crew

This is absolutely brilliant!  I enjoyed the retro 1970 Bronco Raptor, as well as the 1959 Cadillac Escalade featured in "Automobile."  More, please!