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What I learned from testing the limits of an “idiot-proof” design

After my Austin-Healey's BMC A-series engine had left me stranded two times in as many weeks, I discovered that the points were more charred than a well-done steak at Golden Corral. So I sat down and ordered some parts and prepared myself for the task of playing with the ignition timing. That meant reading every manual I could find—I even dove into YouTube and absorbed everything I could regarding how to properly set up a new distributor.


I know what you are thinking, dear reader: Why is he replacing the entire distributor when all he needs is a set of points? Also, didn't Rob Siegel talk about this like two weeks ago? You are correct on both fronts, but hear me out. This article isn't an explanation of my choice to upgrade to an electronic distributor, or the exact how and why of the install. No, these are my thoughts about a word I used to describe the design of the BMC A-series distributor drive—“idiot-proof—and how it came back to bite me.


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As I have said for many years, "If you try to build an idiot-proof system, the universe will inevitably build a better idiot."

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