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Hagerty Employee

What does $3,000 buy in a classic car?

We love the televised classic car auctions as much as anyone. But they have certainly conditioned most people to think that every old car is worth a bundle and therefore that anything old and inexpensive is automatically suspect. In 2014, there aren't any inexpensive cars over 25 years old that are interesting, attractive and ready-to-enjoy, [...]

Having spent a good deal of time in Portland over the years, I can attest to the premise that there are a lot of decent classics there. I'm sure that there are deals to be had like these three, although I'm equally certain that these buyers had knowledge and time to dedicate to seeking them out that many may not. Nonetheless, it's a fine example of the false implication put forth by TV auctions (I never watch them anymore) that any old car is out of reach unless you have millions to spend. Good job by the author and team to help debunk that image and encourage "normal-income" people to get out and enjoy some classics before they are all gone. As for me, I'd like that Beetle for a granddaughter to drive when she visits us! 😉 (I'll give ya $3500 for it!)