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Hagerty Employee

What do you call a group of Corvettes? Collective car nouns, real and imagined

There are some wonderful collective nouns used to describe groups of various animals. For example, a “murder” of crows or a “tower” of giraffes. They’re not official names, true, but language is adaptable, and if enough people adopt a word, then the term can stick. Plus, new collective nouns can be fun, and I envy those that get to coin new examples.

In that vein, I thought I’d come up with some of my own nouns that describe groups of certain cars. 


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New Driver

Anyone who has known me would clearly understand a Fever of Corvettes, which I have.  


A Flotilla of boat tails?



We often refer to them as a "Herd of Goats".

New Driver

Good to know, now when I get together with some other Falcon owners, I can look intelligent by stating; "We have a rather good looking Cast of Falcons here today"


A barrel of Mini's? As in Cooper. 

New Driver

More than 3 Jaguars: a Pride? 
more than 3 Honda Ridgelines: a range?

more than 2 Honda Accords: Detante?

New Driver

A group of Ford Focus, 'Slippers'  (If you are not familiar with the Ford Focus, the transmissions are....let's say...horrible, to say the least)

New Driver

More than 2 Suburbans: a Sprawl

more than 2 Ford Escapes: a Houdini


New Driver

That Subaru one had me laughing, nice one. Dodge Darts could also be in a quiver.


A group of Chevrolet Bolts is of course a bucket.