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What box doesn’t this 1970 Corvette tick?

This 1970 Chevy Corvette doesn’t have a lot of documented history to it, but what we can tell is that it really never left the disco era. Allegedly the result of some autocrossin’, fiberglassin’ fiend, it houses a delightful 454 big-block and chunky four-speed Muncie underneath the resin-induced (fiberglass resin, of course) bodywork ... Check out the full article on


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don't like this model.  

If it were a C1 bout '56 - '60, I'd B mad, sad & yellin at the puter.  

These mako sharks I don't like - and the condition, wagon back, etc all fit w/ the same 'what I don't like'.  I'd get on some cowboy boots, faded jeans and a black T & go race it from truck stop to truck stop or other americana. Might make some trouble. Play the kinda guy that don't care, see if that hooked up w/a girl that don't care. Might make some fun, might make some fun trouble...U ?

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