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Hagerty Employee

What box doesn’t this 1970 Corvette tick?

This 1970 Chevy Corvette doesn’t have a lot of documented history to it, but what we can tell is that it really never left the disco era. Allegedly the result of some autocrossin’, fiberglassin’ fiend, it houses a delightful 454 big-block and chunky four-speed Muncie underneath the resin-induced (fiberglass resin, of course) bodywork ... Check out the full article on


Pit Crew

Send it directly to the National Corvette Museum sinkhole and not pass GO!

Intermediate Driver


Pit Crew

I like it and I think it's very complain about this? ...and you drive around in Lexus "spider" grills and the likes?...No, this shows some talent and a lot of elbow grease and "guts" maybe some herbs helped too...overall a cool build...

New Driver

It checks absolutely none. Completely ruined by modifications. 

New Driver

Absolutely none. It’s an abolishment. Saw a C7 done same by Callaway same crap. 


Nope... nada... no way... it needs a way bigger engine and a rat fink character driving it... oh yeah

Pit Crew

disappointed, went to ebay and couldn't find it to bid on!

Advanced Driver

My first thought was that it checked my gag reflex, but, and I feel a little queasy saying this, the more I look the more I like it. 

Intermediate Driver

Sorry, but that thing just looks plain ugly to me.

New Driver

The tail lights are not Trans-am. They are from a 1971 or 72 Mercury Cougar. They are close in appearance, but if you look closely you will notice screws holding the Bezel on. Trans-am tail lights do not have that and the outboard ends have a different curve to them.


This is my 1971 Cougar XR-7 survivor just after I got it.


What box doesn't it check?  Asymmetric hood!!   #CorvetteSummer

Pit Crew

Does anyone remember the Bread Van Ferrari?


Freaky can be fun. Give it the ultimate test - clean it up and paint it white.

New Driver

I absolutely love it.  I would proudly have it in my garage.

Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

This vette looks like it could be the sibling of the vette in the movie "Corvette Summer". I see some similarities. This makeover could have been done by the same person or people? I'd like to see some photos of it just after completion. No doubt this car was done about the same time, maybe between 1975-77?



I live in Quincy Illinois back in 77 to 80. There was a guy had a shop and installed those station wagon kit. The ones he did looked like a station wagon. These cars that he did were stock looking, no widebodys .it was just a upper rear body panel in station wagon from. They actually looked pretty good with the rest of the body stock .some had side windows,some were made as sedan deliveries 

Intermediate Driver

If they have the 'balls' to put this in the Corvette Museum, they are probably 'just asking' (make that praying) for a Hell induced sinkhole to come and 'suck it into oblivion'... 


I know the guy that owned and designed it, talked to company who has it and it still has the plaque on the console with his name on it. He built a 454 open chamber engine for it originally, one hell of a ride! In it's prime it was a great looking car! We were in the same Corvette Club at the time.


LOVE IT! But I'm a rat guy to the core. The real eBay link is Listing states it's no longer a 454 but 396. Apparently very nicely done when it was fresh. Steel scattersheild too but the Pro-Trac 50's are the clinchers!

Intermediate Driver

That is possibly the best butchery I have ever seen.

Pit Crew

eBay auction ended with 20 bids at $10100 reserve not met. 

Intermediate Driver

What a waste of a Corvette. Hardly worth the article space to even discuss it. My opinion of course. 

Advanced Driver

Imagine the time invested into those mods. To someone, this build had nothing to do with money. The owner(s) appear to have been driven by bringing a specific concept to life, and for that they deserve our thanks. Would really like to know the back story. With all of the worthless talk theses days, it's nice to see some real "old school" execution. 

New Driver

Big bells & platform shoes to complete the look!


don't like this model.  

If it were a C1 bout '56 - '60, I'd B mad, sad & yellin at the puter.  

These mako sharks I don't like - and the condition, wagon back, etc all fit w/ the same 'what I don't like'.  I'd get on some cowboy boots, faded jeans and a black T & go race it from truck stop to truck stop or other americana. Might make some trouble. Play the kinda guy that don't care, see if that hooked up w/a girl that don't care. Might make some fun, might make some fun trouble...U ?

New Driver

Looks like somebody had an old truck cap they couldn't get rid of. 


I read most of the posts; c'mon Guys and Girls, you're missing the point...

It's a Period Correct Hot Rod!


Some braver-than-most was out to one-up, well, EVERYBODY and bought the entire Eckler's Catalog that year, and went nuts...


As a High-Schooler and working fulltime, I delivered parts for a GM Dealer, and two of my regular customers were good-natured Rivals out in East Oakland (hold your tongues, Infidels), and were always one-upping one another with very intense Projects.  One year, it was Chopped Chevy Stepsides; Lowered, Chromed and Candied, Big Wheels, and so on.  The next year, it was Wide-Bodied (Greenwood style) C3 Wagons, with Big Blocks, Side Pipes, and the aforementioned Candy and Chrome.


My Racing Partner and Lifetime Friend Sam built his '73, without the Vega-esque Kammback accoutrement, but added an Eckler nose with Lumina composites, faux knock-offs, some tasteful striping, and Old School Flames on the L-88 Hood. Homemade Sidepipes and Rear Bumperettes completed the look, you know, along with the Elvis Shades and Cockroach Killer Kicks...


Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Community Manager

Well said, this was pure period correctness...and its an endless Corvette Summer! 


Let's see: Wait, the list of what it DOES check is much shorter. That would be the 454 and the Muncie. And like one person already stated, Muncie four speeds were not chunky, they shifted great. 

New Driver

update on this car ,car originally owned and built by my stepdad Ray Clause,lost track of it in 98. We now have the car back and will be putting it back together,have to give a shout out to Bruce at Hawks Motorsports for working with us.thanks,Kevin

New Driver

Kevin, I was chasing this car down when it was for sale. Would love to keep up on it. Sad for me, but glad you got it back!

The box of good condition and the box of original body are left unchecked.

It is nearly to the point of not worth the effort to bring it back.