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Well Vetted: Uniting the mid-engine C8 Corvette with its C1 and C4 brethren | Hagerty Media

Two days dicing three Corvettes on California's heavenly Highway 33 north of Ojai is as close as any mortal will come to a taste of the afterlife. Three Hagerty scribes and a photo crew binged on this banquet of lefts, rights, climbs, and dives on the impeccable asphalt meandering through the Los Padres National Forest and the Topatopa Mountains.
Intermediate Driver

I have no doubt that the C-8 is an amazing performer, but sorry - it is one butt-ugly car.

I have driven every C type built and they all have their special pull about them. I would love to have a C1 59 a C2 67, C3 70, C4 40th anniversary, C5 red Convertible [I have a full size Billboard with this one in the garage], C6 GS convertible, C7 Blue GS Targa, and a new Z06 Z06.

The Corvette has a long and storied life. I can recall with every change controversy followed by some. but in the end they find that GM has made the right choices and continued to make the car greater.

I love the new C8 as they have taken the Corvette and made it a mid engine but there is no mistaking it is still a Corvette. Too often mid engine cars take on the look of someone else car. There are added challenges to packaging etc. When you see the new C8 on the street it has a look that really catches your eye like a Ferrari does at 5 times the price.

I love the C1 today because it is a Corvette as it has that nostalgic feel to it that you get with an old sports cars. It is not a world class race car but most sports cars never are and their flaws are their trademark that you just adapt to. The smell the feel and the noise is just unmatched behind that large steering wheel.

I hope to get a Z06 C8 at some point as it will I fear be the last with the ICE engine. I am sure an BEV will be faster but I would still rather have the sound of that engine behind my head.