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Hagerty Employee

Well, oh Lordstown, won’t you build me an Endurance?

Lordstown Motors has finally revealed its first model, the all-electric Endurance pickup truck. With the goal of becoming the world’s first production all-electric pickup, Lordstown Motors has moved aggressively since purchasing its namesake facility: General Motors’ retired Lordstown, Ohio, factory.


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Pit Crew

It looks like a nice and viable vehicle.  I hope they fair better than the 90's version of Excelsior Motorcycle.  Being a new vehicle manufacturer is tough.  All of the logistics of the supply chain, and the distribution chain in addition to setting up manufacturing is very difficult.

Intermediate Driver

Looks conventional when electric design doesn't need to be so limited.  Looks like Tesla is still the innovation leader.


I'd rather have a Rivian.


Sorry guys, but I ain't into it.

New Driver

It looks nice, I don't see it replacing our 2500 work trucks, yet, but as a suburban run around it should be fine. But 52 K is a hit.

Pit Crew

I wonder how many will short out and catch fire.

Pit Crew

As someone who's often ridden, and is attempting to purchase a '98 Excelsior-Henderson, I hope they're better built.  Let's start with a wiring harness that isn't biodegradable.

Pit Crew

Possibly a smart marketing move.  You're talking selling to the most conservative auto buyers out there, just getting them to consider electric over a big honking ICE is going to be hard enough.  It doesn't need to look like a UFO.

New Driver

250 mile range what good is that? If you tow or put a load on it your mileage will vary. Just another expensive Golf Cart.