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Hagerty Employee

Well, oh Lordstown, won’t you build me an Endurance?

Lordstown Motors has finally revealed its first model, the all-electric Endurance pickup truck. With the goal of becoming the world’s first production all-electric pickup, Lordstown Motors has moved aggressively since purchasing its namesake facility: General Motors’ retired Lordstown, Ohio, factory.


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Good for them, more choices=mo' better. The cost over a conventional ½-ton should/could be paid back through fuel cost savings. There a lot of PU trucks that don't ever do 100 mile days except maybe for pleasure on a weekend, so there may be a lot of business buyers that just make short runs with a few hundred pounds of cargo. Totally not for me, but I don't have a dime in it so no big deal.


Electric vehicles are supposed to be quiet. I suspect Tesla truck owners will have to wear earplugs in city driving to block out the laughter at red lights.


I'm guessing the Hanlons don't have any involvement in this 😉