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Hagerty Employee

Webb Motorworks is building an all-electric small-block “Chevy”

Canada’s Webb Motorsports has built a unique hybrid: an electric motor the size of a torpedo keg, in the shape of a Chevy small-block. The trick part about Webb’s design is how it looks like a typical mouse motor from the outside, complete with stock Chevrolet bell housing and Chevy motor mounts. Beneath that veneer, however, is a High Performance Electric Vehicle Systems (HPEVS) AC35X2 motor and the pair of controllers needed to throttle it. The project is the brainchild of British Columbia’s Chris Webb. Webb’s “V-8” is currently a one-off prototype, but his goal is to build a kit that drops into most vehicles without major modification.


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Talented fabricator/designer for sure.


There is a market for this for sure as some insist on old looks.


I'd be interested in running an electric motor in the old 66 C10 my family has behind a barn... but don't care if the conversion looks space-age at all. I need the price to be compelling. Thus far nothing EV approaches the word affordable that I have seen.


I expect that is changing, curious to see how long it takes.


This is about the only compelling anti EV argument I ever hear, it is really cool, but yeah it is expensive, but the price atg is falling.


Bad idea.  Far too much loss from tranny, be it auto or stick, plus the loss of energy turning big heavy rear end gears.  Electric cars use direct drive with little or no loss and still can't compete with gas or diesel, not in the long run, not even close.  You can change people's minds but you can't change physics & chemistry, there's just too much against electric cars ... unless you're rich and can afford it, they're a rich man's toy.

Intermediate Driver

Yeah, and Trump won the popular vote.


I remember that argument when ranges were in the 60 mile zone and I was driving an EV from Waterbury CT to Portland ME, today with 200 to 300 miles being normal that argument is getting more tired than it was 30 years ago. With the EV Cannonball run record sitting at around 48 hours it's about time to give up on that argument all together.

Intermediate Driver

If you watch "Vintage Voltage" on the Motor Trend Channel, you will see they do this stuff all the time.  It isn't cheap, but they are getting more mileage than I would have expected.   Then  again, older cars weigh a hell of a lot less than today's over regulated, litigious society based creations.

Pit Crew

I think this is a great idea, and have been watching others as they develop similar technology. I would love to drop something like this in an engineless classic and make it a reliable commuter car. Classic cars can be a big tent. No need to exclude emerging tech.


I wasn't around when people were first stuffing Small Block Chevys into 32 Fords but back then it wasn't treated like it was a crime against nature. I do find it odd that some of the loudest voices against the EV conversion were the ones that would readily shove an LS into a Doge Dart for fun. Henry Ford just like Carl Benz built his first car for fun not to impress anyone but himself. Seeing how the last few generations spent decades figuring out how to get a small block chevy into just about anything it makes sense that someone would make an electric driveline fit into a small block with all the mounting and bolt up holes. Having actually done an EV conversion I admire this guy for doing something to get the EV conversion into more peoples hands. I did my conversion in the 1990's when EV America would sell you a box of parts and tell you good luck. As for those that would say range and recharge time and every other negative thing might want to remember these things. There aren't too many hot rods that go more than 50 miles from home under their own power more than once a year, yeah I'm sure there is some guy that will tell everyone how he drove his chopped Merc cross country several times but for every one of those there are 500 guys that only go to cruse nights a few towns over and that is it. My point is this, like it or not the EV conversion is an evolution of the hobby, you might not like what people are doing with EV conversion but think back to what you did to a car back in your time you didn't care what people thought of what you were doing to your car because it was just that your car the people building EV conversions want the same thing you wanted they want to build their car their way and they don't care what anyone has to say about it. If this gives a car a second chance I am all for it, it is better that a car be driven than recycled no mater the prime mover.


There is a company that makes well-detailed, lightweight, reinforced plastic, engine block castings of Ford, GM, and Chrysler motors that are used for setting up builds. Accessories all mount and they assemble like a real engine. That would have been a lot simpler...

Pit Crew

All great stuff but if its like the electric GT crate motor at $33K that a tough pill to swallow.


Don't really care what it looks like. A square box that bolts up to common motor mount configurations and transmissions might be the way to go. Just leave the hood closed 😉