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We tried, but we couldn’t make the Eagle cool as AMC hoped

In the 1980s, American Motors built some of the hottest 4x4s family haulers on the market. The AMC Eagle is not one of them. While it has the same 254-cubic-inch inline-six that was used as the base engine in the 1986 Grand Wagoneer, and impressive wood paneling and cushy brown leather interior were just an option check away, the AMC Eagle hasn’t yet reached the collectible status of the classic Brooks Stevens SUV. Shame.


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I don’t understand the point of this article.  My Eagle is insured with Hagerty.  Hagerty exists to insure cars that are certainly unique and “cool” to their owners.  Maybe I should call their competitors and see if they think my car is cooler.


The engine size is 258.  Why in the world would the Eagle be a competitor to the Grand Wagoneer?  They were sold on the same lot.  The Eagle was not a truck or SUV.  It was a new concept at the time, so it’s not an apples to apples comparison.  If I have an accident, I sure hope the adjuster they send has more knowledge than this.  Or will I be arguing with them over the “Dodge” engine in my AMC...

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