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Hagerty Employee

We drive Jeep's 450-hp 392 Wrangler concept

Jeep has a knack for building fantastic off-roaders that can hit the trails straight off the showroom floor, if the buyers so choose. It also tends to give its buyers what they ask for, even if the process takes a while. The four-door Wrangler was teased in a number of concepts, as was the return of a Jeep pickup, and each was eventually offered for sale. After much pleading from the cult of compression-ignition, Jeep also offered the Wrangler and Gladiator with a diesel engine. There’s really only one thing left on the solid-axle-fanatic’s wish list: a Hemi V-8. Well, Jeep finally built a Hemi-powered Wrangler, a 450-hp beast meant for the Easter Jeep Safari—and they let us drive it.


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New Driver

I guess Jeep will have to something to keep sales from tanking with the Bronco coming out.