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Hagerty Employee

Watch what it takes to rebuild an NHRA Top Fuel supercharger | Hagerty Media

NHRA top fuel drag racing, by the numbers, can make your head spin. The 10,000-horsepower engines are bespoke and feature any number of trick and cool parts. When our own rebuild expert Davin Reckow visited Don Schumacher Racing back in 2018, we all got to see just what it takes to put one of these V-8s together.
Advanced Driver

writer neglected to explain how the crucial seals are actually installed.

A: watch the video.
B: As stated, the seals are pulled into place. There are grooves machined along the length of the rotors, and the seals are lightly lubed and pulled in from one end, generally grasped with ViseGrips.

I've got some 6-71's, I thought they were pretty imposing but they're jokes after seeing that 14-71 up close.
New Driver

I used to run top fuel many years ago and I must admit things have changed a great deal since I raced, but I am curious that you didn't show the procedure for timing the rotors. For those who don't know that is setting the rotor to rotor dimensions to prevent clashing at high RPM. Also the dimensions can be set to lead one rotor over the other if desired.