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Watch this physicist debunk "Fast and Furious" stunts you already knew were impossible

We all love a good car movie, and a staple of any high-horsepower enthusiast flick is a chase scene with copious drifting, smashing, and/or explosions. Watching a movie often requires a certain amount of suspending disbelief, especially when it comes to the action genre, but there's a certain franchise that demands a complete rejection of the laws of physics. We are, of course, referring to the beloved Fast and Furious franchise. How unrealistic are some of the more famous Fast stunts? Outrageous enough that listening to a physicist tear them apart is pretty entertaining.


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One thing that was real was the black Honda Civics passing under the truck in the first movie. I'm a trucker and I freeze framed those scenes. You can see necessary modifications to the truck. The air lines are relocated up out of the way and they welded a railing in front of the trailer wheels to protect the Civic drivers from being run over if they got too close.

Advanced Driver

Glad to say I never saw a single one of the movies.  Once I saw a movie trailer showing a Charger doing both a wheelie and burnout at the same time, I figured the rest would be just as absurd.  At least with Sean Connery as James Bond, you could enjoy some witty repartee.

Intermediate Driver

That's Hollyweed folks, and that's a wrap.