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Hagerty Employee

Watch this E350 Ford van get hacked down for a pickup chassis swap | Hagerty Media

Swapping an engine into a classic vehicle can eliminate the hassle of finding obsolete parts. It also add lots more power and fun to the equation-but what about swapping the whole chassis, drivetrain and all? That process can be a bit more involved.

YES! I want to do the exact opposite...sort of. I have a 2007 E150 SD Van and want to swap it onto a F350 diesel 4x4 frame. Dually? Maybe.
Intermediate Driver

THIS WAS A VIDEO i REALLY ENJOYED . That's the reason I like Vise Grip Garage videos . Actually working on cars that the hobbiests enjoy . But , take it from this 70+ year old man , wear ear protection !
Looking forward to completion of this old truck on a newer platform .
Pit Crew

MotorhomeTruckProject 021 copy.jpg


MotorhomeTruckProject 032 copy.jpg


MotorhomeTruckProjectA1 copy.jpg


Aug27 011.jpg

 I did a similar project 12 years ago, when the frame on our "purchased new in 1979" Dodge D-100 rusted so bad it broke. Using just the drivetrain/chassis of our deteriorating 1974 Dodge Vagabond motorhome(with only 35,000 miles), I created a heavy-duty dually with a 7,500 lb rear axle and I-bean 3,500lb front axle.


Pit Crew

Found a more recent pic with black wheels and 10" gap filled with spare tire and toolbox (did not alter motorhome wheelbase).HagertyInsPics 022.jpg