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Hagerty Employee

Watch the 2021 Ford Bronco thrash in Georgia’s red dirt

Though we don’t know when we’ll get our hands on Ford’s 2021 Bronco, you can be sure both the two-door and four-door truck will be scrutinized by off-roaders in every biome of the U.S., from the axle-twisting slick rock of Moab to the claustrophobic forests of the East Coast. A particularly grueling theater, however, lies in the South, where the clay-based mud might as well just be quicksand for lesser rigs. As the Bronco enters its final phases of development, Bronco Nation spied both Bronco models thrashing through Georgia’s trademark red clay.


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Hagerty Employee

That cutting brake could make for some interesting donuts.


Try it on Wilkinson Co., GA dirt roads right after the ditches have been pulled after a rain, some dirt roads in Talbot Co., GA during wet periods, and last but not least dirt roads in the AL Black Belt soils region after a rain then get back to us!