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Watch Ford’s Willow Run plant churn out a B-24 every 55 minutes

We love watching how products are made. From bolts and headers to carburetors and sway bars, it’s fascinating to see workers transform raw materials into the parts we use on our cars and trucks every day. However, the construction of all of those speed parts and aftermarket upgrades combined pales in comparison to the scale of production at Ford’s Willow Run plant during WWII. This video from Ford about large-scale production of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber is awe-inspiring.


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My mom worked at the North American Aviation plant in Kansas City during WW2.  She was 17, and it was her first job.  They built B-25's.  Today, the site of that plant is now GM's Fairfax Assembly Plant.  Mom was a riveter, and developed pulmonary fibrosis from breathing in the asbestos dust while working there.  Still, she was proud of doing her part for the war effort.  Her middle name was Rose, so I used to teasingly call her "Rosie the Riveter".  May she rest in peace.

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