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Hagerty Employee

Watch Ford’s Willow Run plant churn out a B-24 every 55 minutes

We love watching how products are made. From bolts and headers to carburetors and sway bars, it’s fascinating to see workers transform raw materials into the parts we use on our cars and trucks every day. However, the construction of all of those speed parts and aftermarket upgrades combined pales in comparison to the scale of production at Ford’s Willow Run plant during WWII. This video from Ford about large-scale production of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator bomber is awe-inspiring.


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Pit Crew

Kaiser made Liberty and the later Victory ships using the modular approach, not destroyers.  Perhaps two days is correct in final assembly.  But not from a top to bottom (or is it "bow to stern"?).  The health care system set up for the cargo ships built by Henry J. Kaiser's firm (ring a bell, car buffs?) became Kaiser Permanente, the health care insurer.

Pit Crew

My name is John Zajac, and I am Secretary for the Yankee Air Museum Foundation.  I want to thank Hagerty for this feature.  The community of the Yankee Air Museum now own and plan to make the remaining 145,000 sq. ft. of this plant the new home to the Yankee Air Museum.  First, the building that houses our "flyables", the B-17 Yankee Lady, the B-25 Yankee Warrior, the C-47 Hairless Joe, and a Waco biplane must be replaced.  I hope that once our "Aeronautics Center" (new hanger) is complete, we return to the task of finishing the new home for the Museum, the home of Rose Will Monroe, part of the legend of "Rosie the Riveter".  I would like to thank Hagerty for its support for our "Wings and Wheels" events (the original can be seen on the link to the right of this story".  Our "Save the Bomber Plant" inquiries are being redirected to raise funds for the Aeronautics Center.  I hope that can be completed quickly, so that our efforts can be directed to remember the Liberators that were built, the crews than maintained and flew them, and the incredible women and man who built. them.

Hagerty Employee

Wow, your must have heard some stories. Thanks for sharing
Hagerty Employee

BTW, there's a restaurant near the plant called "The Bomber" and it is still open. I think, but am not sure, that it was open when the plant was building bombers and used to produce pack lunches for the workers. In any case, it's a greasy spoon kind of place with lots of memorabilia..