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Hagerty Employee

Watch Don Garlits fire up a Hemi-powered air raid siren

In 1997, British actor Robbie Coltrane hosted a documentary show on Channel 4 called Coltrane's Planes and Automobiles. One episode of the six-part documentary was focused on the V-8 engine. Naturally, Coltrane visits America for that segment. He pulls timber through a forest in a Chevy pickup, gets a driving lesson in a stock car, and meets Don Garlits at his drag racing museum in Ocala, Florida. Coltrane notes that part of the appeal of the V-8 is its signature sound, but the V-8 Hemi that "Big Daddy" Don Garlits fired up for the show is known for another sound entirely.


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Pit Crew

I worked at an orchard in the 70's and we had a hemi powered speed sprayer.

Intermediate Driver

The local old wrecking yard had two of these sitting around for forever...they scrapped them when the old owner died and left the yard to his nephew...along with maybe his hundreds of old cars and parts...crushed.   

Intermediate Driver

Neat video especially with a different point of view and I loved the air raid siren (it was not what I expected).

Pit Crew

Haha, loved the 2-tons of fun squeezing behind the 72 Eldo wheel and pulling on a cig in the boneyard.  And a Hemi powered nuk-a-lar air raid siren?  Effing way cool - too bad That in the event of real use, your arse would fried before the propane cell ran out!

Advanced Driver

Wow that was something. He didn't even crank it all the way up. They would be deaf.

Pit Crew

Yes! From twenty-five miles away! Like a Peter Paul and Mary song.



"Cooltane" is the bomb! I remember seeing Big Daddy Don race in the 1976 Bicentennial Drags in Ontario California! I also remember hiding under desks in elementary school from the "Big Red Scare" that would have protected anyone....phony politics of the time, sad to see nothing's changed since Nikita threw his shoe!


actually even the caddie's too small for him.