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Hagerty Employee

Watch a '50s streamliner become the world's fastest EV, F1 to adopt e-fuel, BEV Silverado gets glam roof

Intake: Using a streamliner first raced at Bonneville in 1957, Team Vesco driver Eric Ritter has set a new electric-vehicle speed record with a 353-mph average. The record-for the largest, most powerful electric streamliners on the salt-was previously set by the Buckeye Bullet team from the University of Ohio in 2004: 314.958 mph.

Are you sure the Buckeye Bullet team was from the University of Ohio?
Not Ohio State University? Or should that be THE Ohio State University?

I am absolutely against any car that would drive me around. I certainly would not trust technology in city traffic, and less on freeways with all the idiot drivers. I detest technology.
I use it because I have no choice. I am not a Luddite.

Fingers crossed on that synthetic fuel!

GM's new logo? Now short for Genital Motors.
Intermediate Driver

"Fuelling the [Formula 1] cars will be a carbon neutral synthetic e-fuel, which may be produced from carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere, harvested from food or agricultural waste, or generated by algae."

It would be interesting in knowing how this fuel is carbon neutral. It would seem no matter the source, the basic idea here is CO2 captured plus "process" yields liquid fuel. Clearly "process" must consume energy and so where does that energy come from? My understanding from a PBS program is that because CO2 is really not all that prevelant in the atmosphere you have to scrub a lot of air to get a little fuel. I don't know how much CO2 agricultural waste or algae produce but it does seem there must be some energy input to produce the liquid fuel. I'm not saying the process does not or cannot work, I'm just curious how it becomes carbon neutral.
If stuff plus energy E produces output energy E, I have gained nothing. And if stuff plus energy E produces output energy E prime > E, it sounds suspisously like perpetual motion. And if E prime < E, well I'm losing ground.

I'm just going to wait until they release the Mrs. Cruise system. It's an all-encompassing system that monitors and controls absolutely every aspect of yours driving, completely from the back seat.
"Slow down! Keep your hands on the wheel!. Watch the road! You better stop for gas! Hey, that was our exit! Watch out for that cop up there! Turn the heat up! Did you leave the stove on? Turn the heat down! Are you listening to me?"