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Was the 429 Ford’s peak muscle car engine?

The late ’60s is overflowing with tales of “What if?” For one, what if the post-war momentum in American performance hadn’t been challenged by anything other than the next-fastest car? For fans of Ford’s 429-cubic-inch performance V-8, a lot of what-ifs persist surrounding this engine whose flame burned to its full brightness for only a short spell. On this day of April 29 (4/29), we think it deserves some recognition.


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Replies (5)

Replies (5)

My '74 Gran Torino Sport was set up with Hooker Headers, which rotted out, Edlebrooke comp. 11 intake, 850 Holley, Scorpion roller rockers, and side mounted glass paks, turned out just ahead of the rear wheels. The sound was like a cigarette boat on land.

I don't think l ever drove it with the windows up. Thanks and be well.


Pit Crew

Catalytic what? lol

Pit Crew

I will be running my "74 Gran Torino Sport with a 460 Interceptor, with 429 heads soon.

Lost it once on the street it as it jumped like a frog and wriggled like a snake. The most fun l have ever had in a car.....that l can speak of. Drive-on.

Pit Crew

what a massive slip in the art direction of the ad shown. the dragster is running a sohc and the car and ad copy touts the cobra jet. anyone have any experience w ford or jwt back then to know what happened?


New Driver

I always heard it was "WIN On Sunday, Sell On Monday".....

Intermediate Driver