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Walk-off win: Second-generation driver Chase Elliott is NASCAR’s newest champion

NASCAR has a new champion. In winning Sunday’s season finale at Phoenix International Raceway, Chase Elliott earned his first Cup Series championship. In a strange season of firsts—from a pandemic-influenced schedule to the use of rain tires during the race—Elliott becomes the Cup Series’ first driver since 1988 to win most popular driver and top honors in the same year. Last one to do it? Chase’s father, hall-of-famer Bill Elliott. 24-year-old Chase is also the third youngest driver, behind Bill Rexford and Jeff Gordon, to win a championship in NASCAR’s premier division ... Read the full news on


Pit Crew

Wouldn't surprise me if JJ held back to let the 4 contenders duke it out. A class act.


I have watch Chase for a long time now and expected this result. 

in fact after watching him in person at Mid Ohio run a difficult track he never ran before and get great finishes. Not only that but a clean car at the end while most were destroyed. 

Chase has learned from dad to take what the car gives and finish the race. He is a drive much like David Pearson. Takes it to the edge but not over. 

When I met him he is much like his dad and very personable. Now we have no Earnhardt’s it is to the point now Chase is holding the key for NASCAR for us traditional fan. 

Now if we could just get NASCAR to go back to the old points system and let them race and let the best racer for the year win. 

As much as I am a Chase fan Harvick got screwed. The year Bush won the championship after missing the first half has killed my loyal NASCAR fan status. 

You can’t just create fake results you just need to let them happen. What they do now is like putting the score even in the 9th no matter what wen on in the first 8 innings. 


Don't care.  Gave up on NASCAR when they began supporting the domestic terrorist group BLM.