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Hagerty Employee

VW ID. Buzz spied without camo, Valkyrie AMR Pro for the ultra-rich, beer-fueled pre-war barn find breaks speed record | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Volkswagen's ID. Buzz prototype spied out and about in Germany Intake: Breaking spy photos reveal the latest visual insight into what looks to be VW's all-new ID. Buzz in near-production form.
Pit Crew

Too many articles about foreign cars.
Pit Crew

So... a Detroit plant flooding and GM making an electric SUV for a company in Ohio?

*looks back through list again*

Hmm... never knew Detroit wasn't in the United States.
Advanced Driver

How many are allowed?
Intermediate Driver

What about those of us who own *both* foreign and Murican cars? Mind. Blown.

You realize it's OK to like them each, right?
Intermediate Driver

While the original "Buzz" was not a looker or even close to the looks of the old faithful VW van, it does appear now to be even uglier. Nice job, VW. Don't be in a hurry to sell that thing here.
Advanced Driver

The one it's harkening back to isn't exactly lovely, nor did they pretend it was.
Also, this thing is covered in camo, right down to the curve at the bottom of the door glass at the A pillar. We'll see as more and more of it is revealed.

This whole piece seems like something carelessly slapped together on a Monday morning; too many errors to list.

I wonder how closely-related Aston Martin's Cosworth engine is to Gordon Murray's?
Intermediate Driver

I'm interested to see what electric minivans are like in a few years. We'll be due to replace our current Honda Odyssey with a new van-shaped vehicle probably around 2024 and if full electrics can offer more convenience (ie: no gas station stops, overnight charging at home) for everyday driving and not induce too much pain for longer family trips, then they'll be on my shopping list. That VW looks a bit smaller than an Odyssey, though...