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VW asks would you drive this drop-top EV? | Hagerty Media

Volkswagen has teased a convertible based on its ID.3 electric car and wants to know if there are buyers out there. The German firm posted images of the four-seater soft top on social media to gauge reaction to its design, and the company's CEO Ralf Branstätter says that it is "a very tempting idea" that "could provide an entirely new, extraordinary feeling of freedom."
Intermediate Driver

I could be sold on the idea of an electric convertible, even if part of the point of a convertible is to better hear the engine. Sometimes you don't want to draw attention to yourself.

But this isn't it. This looks like the European T-Roc SUV convertible, which isn't good-looking to begin with, and it's saddled with those ugly EV wheels that the Germans insist putting on their EVs.

Since you have requested an answer and therefore some sort of commentary; my answer would be no to the question of driving that VW, under any circumstances. Whatever that is, it looks just goofy. On the positive side it doesn't look like a turd, but something bad happened while the stylists were trying to make it look not like an aerodynamic turd. Did it get smooshed between a rock and a hard place?
I'm not going to own an EV, unless someone puts a gun to my head, but even if this was a hybrid (they make somewhat more sense than the whole EV silliness) I'd still have to say, no. In fact, I'd probably have to say; "No thanks, I'll drive myself". Then I could feel so much superior because I was driving something recycled and built by my own hands rather than purchased by someone feeling superior for "saving the Earth" from a specious "existential" threat. 🙂

 In a positive note, I give VW credit for trying something new with a new body look convertible exterior EV that looks something straight out from a movie "Demolition Man", but not my cup of tea....I'll skip it!!


Stopped reading at, "emissions-free car".