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Volvo's VESC concept completely changed the philosophy of auto safety | Hagerty Media

The 1972 Geneva International Motor Show gave the world several significant cars: Ford Europe introduced the Granada, Citroën displayed the Bertone-styled GS Camargue, and Ferrari pulled the wraps off the Dino 246 GTS. All of these cars were popular, influential, and remain sought after nearly 50 years later.
Advanced Driver

Interesting, but I do hate this "VoLvO inVentEd tHe cRumPle zOne" meme (and a bunch of that other stuff which was listed), some of which could already be had on production cars.  




New Driver

The article was pretty clear that the safety innovations were not necessarily new. They had already been in concept cars, and some, production cars.

It was the holistic approach and the overall concept Volvo used that was unique. That is quite an important part of the article.

Advanced Driver

There's really only one thing to say: Thanks Volvo.

As I recall, while being in Industrial Design school at Wayne State University, I believe it was NHTSA or some Fed Agency that looked at proposals for the "Safety Car" about 1970. They provided grants and performance specs. GM was the only auto manufacturer that submitted a vehicle. The others were built by non-auto companies eager to get some Federal largesse. Only the Gm one wasn't butt-ugly and that was being generous! The interiors would only fit 1 size of human, due to ridiculous padding that entombed the occupant. Volvo did NOT participate.
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As I recall from my visit to the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg, the VESC also had the first backup camera. Not the “coolest” car in their collection, but certainly one of the most interesting.

"Rear engine mounts designed to aim the engine downward and away from the passenger compartment in a crash", followed by:
"Rear engine mounts designed so the engine would be forced to slide down under the car in a frontal impact"

some lead others follow
Pit Crew

Looks like a SAAB 900 with a Volvo grill.