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Volkswagen is throwing all its chips down on electric | Hagerty Media

Volkswagen Group seemed so confident of its grand plan for global domination in 2014. Through the sheer force of his imperious personality, Ferdinand Piech-the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche-had overhauled Germany's quasi-nationalized carmaker into a global powerhouse of marquee brands, all micromanaged by a cliquey circle of courtiers gathered in Wolfsburg around Piech and his chief lieutenant, Martin Winterkorn.
Advanced Driver

Well, I guess I've bought my last new VW.
Pit Crew

What's the word?....ah yes, hubris! How the mighty have fallen. Anyone here besides me old enough to remember Gary Hart?

don't monkey around with me.

"Go big, or go home." I fear VW will be "going home", as it appears that the world is not yet willing to adopt electric vehicles with the same zeal as the electric vehicle fanatics have.
New Driver

It's very surprising how many people around the world are getting on the Electric band wagon. Those that don't do so at their companies peril


Why do the endorsements always sound so threatening?  


Thankfully I drive many miles less than the national yearly average, so my MKVII GTI should last me for MANY will be my last VW I fear!

Too bad because diesels are now near zero emission vehicles. Way cleaner than a dirty gas engine and are the best in so many other ways. Electric might be viable one day. Not quite yet for most people.

VW threw all their chips down on cheating on emissions tests, and got caught at it. For the foreseeable future, their chips are down on being the goodest boys ever, and grinning up at the Euro-gov like a Doberman when your foot is on his throat. I certainly would not gauge the behavior of normal people (or companies) by their current standard. We should take notes, though.

At the risk of sounding prehistoric, I find these moves toward all electric to be very high risk. In the last analysis of the US power grid I saw, it appeared that the grid is maxed out when 15% of all cars are charging at night. If correct, the cost of necessary power grid infrastructure upgrades would be staggering, and a carmaker betting all its marbles on electric versus a combination of electric hydrogen and petroleum may find itself strangled, not much different from the times of gasoline shortages in the 70's- 80's. Better to maintain a two-pronged approach if you want to remain resilient.

Right you are:   the more prongs,  the better. 


The "environmentalists" think that electric is clean. But they don't ask how the electricity is produced. A lot comes from coal fired plants. Its ok if the Indians in New Mexico have polluted air since others don't see it.
And what is going to happen to all those batteries? Lots of heavy metal (not the music kind) that will have to go through very careful recycling programs. If 95% of used batteries can be re-cycled, then pregnant women will only have to worry about the 5% that got away.

No. And I agree with others; I have bought my last Volkswagen. It's absurd. Diesels are getting cleaner, and anybody who has driven an older GTI will tell you what fun they are. Having said that if I had the room I would buy a Phaeton if they weren't totally overpriced. I am on the Left Coast where there is an active neurosis about the enviornment and clean air. My cars get smogged once a year. If after several efforts are made they still can't get a certificate then they get junked. That's my contribution.
Until electrics will go 800-1000 in range without a lot of techno junk in the car they aren't worth anything.

I see electric cars as a stopgap solution until the real solution, whatever it turns out to be, arrives.
Intermediate Driver

Electric VW ? YAWN Bring back the 1983 GTI