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Hagerty Employee

Vincent Rapide, Velocette Venom, and 5000 other motorcycles | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 95 | Hagerty Media

There are a few things Tom Cotter like to do the old-fashioned way, and finding vintage iron by doing his own footwork is one of them. However, the occasional tip comes through that he can't ignore. In this case, it's a call from Steve Davis who has a 365-foot long chicken coop that is no longer used for poultry.
Pit Crew

I like Tom Cotter, but it may had made more sense to have a motorcycle enthusiast interview these guys, and ask more pertinent questions. It would have been nice to see the Triumph collection he had, an maybe some of the rare bikes. Honda 90 his not something special. Tom knows enough to make a car episode interesting, but this motorcycle find was subpar, since very few bikes mentioned are going to have a following. At least you did 1 episode on motorcycles. A large untapped market just sits in peoples garages waiting to be discovered.
Pit Crew

THANK YOU for starting a motorcycle portion!  Please, more