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Hagerty Employee

Vigilante: The full-size Jeep of your Hemi-powered dreams

Restomods are as popular as ever; combine that with a ferocious appetite for SUVs and off-roaders and you can imagine the kind of Jeep services in demand these days. Daniel and Rachel Van Doveren run Jeep Heritage, a Texas-based outfit that restores Jeeps of all kinds.
Intermediate Driver

I just read the article on five upgrades you must have on your vintage vehicle. My first thought was, "Now all you need is a crate engine and you're ready to go." These folks leapfrogged over that step and created their own chassis. Where will it end? There have always been both purists and hotrodders in this hobby. I love my old cars for their quirks and challenges. I hope the vintage parts they're replacing are going back onto the market and not to the scrap yard. I've benefitted from that process in the past and know others who have done so as well.

The only thing missing in this piece was the PRICE
Advanced Driver

Yea that's weird, they do for the early Bronco's, and those can reach the stratosphere.
Intermediate Driver

Price? If you have to ask...
Intermediate Driver

north of 100K for base.  Go up from there.