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’Vette Central: Eight Corvettes inhabit my neighborhood’s two suburban blocks

We’re happy to report that GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant has overcome the debilitating UAW strike and the crippling COVID-19 pandemic to resume C8 Corvette production. Assembly operations restarted at the end of May with workers toiling 10 hours a day, five days a week. Approximately 5000 new Stingray coupes have been built thus far, with convertibles likely to roll next month and the 2021 model year slated to begin in November. As soon as suppliers are able to meet Bowling Green’s rising needs, a second shift will be added.


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Thanks for the tip on Les Stanford Chev and the reminder selling cars is the same as it ever was. $12,000 over sticker. Sounds about right. Somewhere there is a list posted online of dealers selling C8’s at sticker. It is a pretty long list.