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Hagerty Employee

’Vette Central: Eight Corvettes inhabit my neighborhood’s two suburban blocks

We’re happy to report that GM’s Bowling Green, Kentucky, plant has overcome the debilitating UAW strike and the crippling COVID-19 pandemic to resume C8 Corvette production. Assembly operations restarted at the end of May with workers toiling 10 hours a day, five days a week. Approximately 5000 new Stingray coupes have been built thus far, with convertibles likely to roll next month and the 2021 model year slated to begin in November. As soon as suppliers are able to meet Bowling Green’s rising needs, a second shift will be added.


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Eight Corvettes in two block is an impressive statistic.   Unfortunately, there are no Corvettes in my neighborhood. However, I did walk down the street to look for any instances of multiple ownership of the same car make and model, using the same two blocks criteria.  I am happy to report I found two Toyota Corollas and a total of three Honda Civics.  Exciting neighborhood.  


I’ve enjoyed your writings for many years and this article is no exception. I got my first Corvette, a triple black ‘01 6-speed convertible in 2010. Got C7 fever and a white 2016 coupe with red leather and Z51 was added to my garage. Wife said C5 must go. Big mistake as I missed it badly so got a hammered 90 C4 convertible with 6- speed. Got a 6 car garage now full of toys (67 Chevelle, ‘15 Cayman) and need room far a C8. Unfortunately the C7 it would replace has lost so much resale value I am stuck with it. Love my three pedal cars though!

Pit Crew

Don. Congrats and many thanks to your relentless mid-engine quest over the many years I have read your articles.

Intermediate Driver


Yoga? Heck, if you were a C4 vette owner, you'd already be doing it with frequency. 😉

Congrats on the purchase and a good writeup.

Intermediate Driver

I’d love to read a write up on your 67 with pics. That has always been my absolute dream car. My budget allows me to have a C5 which I am totally satisfied with but the C2 just pushes all the buttons. Nice write up. Thank you. 


Good article, and nice C8.  I know of at least 5 Corvettes in my semi-rural "neighborhood": 2 C3's, one C4, one C6, and one C7.  There used to be a C2, and there may be some yet to be seen, hiding in garages.


Nicely written article, beautiful Vette's


Nicely written artical, I would be interested in possibly giving Les' 78 Vette a good Texas home if a fair deal can be reached. I can be reached at, txt or phone 409-553-5734.  The 2 pictures look great, but I would like to see the interior and get more info on the car. 


How can I get in touch with Les re: his 78? Thanks


Chicken in every pot, and a sports car in every garage!


Full marks to General Motors for creating a high-performance car that is relatively, I said relatively, affordable period


Got a hand to the guys in marketing for making it affordable and be able to make a profit on the car.


Did you miss the part about the dealer selling for $12K over sticker?


1972 LT1, Bloomington Gold + Survivor and Triple Diamond.  2013 GS Callaway SC606.  Also a 2002 Callaway Commemorative Edition C8 (Z28) with 465HP/465TQ Supernatural. 


Yoga for in and out of my 1996 C4 LT4?'s just the teeny tiny ballet shoes you have to wear to drive it and the large left leg from the one remarks at Corvette Club Meetings tho'.....


Great article Don. Have enjoyed your articles for many years. If not sold, I am interested in the 78 Corvette. Please email me at You can also call or text me at 954-661-4913 Thank you


Thanks for the tip on Les Stanford Chev and the reminder selling cars is the same as it ever was. $12,000 over sticker. Sounds about right. Somewhere there is a list posted online of dealers selling C8’s at sticker. It is a pretty long list. 


Very enjoyable article. Have enjoyed your work since the '70's @ Car and Driver. 


I would be interested in giving Les' 1978 Vette mentioned in this artical a good Texas home. Can you please get me in touch with Les?