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Hagerty Employee

Velocity Invitational isn't trying to be Goodwood, just the best car event in the U.S.

Few who have been to the Goodwood Festival of Speed or the retro-themed Goodwood Revival would disagree that the 11th Duke of Richmond puts on one hell of a weekend. Indeed, some consider the two events centered around the Duke's baronial Goodwood Estate to be the best car festivals on the international calendar.

They should get collaborate with M! Concourse. Road trip from Detroit to Laguna Seca? I'm in!
Intermediate Driver

Well…I did see the person who is the head of M1 Concourse was at this event.

Lots of great cars there. Love seeing the GTO in action!
Pit Crew

Nice event but at the current ticket price, O'Neil is going to find it impossible to turn a profit. Both the Sonoma Raceway and the Laguna Seca events were priced for the $20,000 wrist-watch crowd. The cheapest $100 one day gate ticket plus $$$ parking will keep many enthusiasts away. A 2-day pass plus parking would have cost well over $300. That needs to come down by over half for this to work.
Intermediate Driver

Totally agree. I attended the Sonoma outing and had a blast. Cost was very reasonable ( 1 day pass & wine pavilion ) and was looking forward to the next event. Jeff did a great job but still a ways to go. Grounds were well organized and appropriately staged. Wine Pavilion was way below Sonoma's standard. Great track viewing, winery's were fewer, and food was a small step above costco. This said I will be back as I enjoy the venue and the history on wheels this event brings. 

Pit Crew

I also agree with PRNDL.

" Velocity, which offered gourmet food and wine tasting ... " says it all. Where was the beer tent and hotdog stand? It looks like this event will be for the elite, while the rest of us are left out in the street.

I've never been to the Goodwood event, but I understand that it is affordable and has a bit of something for everyone.

Well; I was going to book my trip for next year— then I saw this:

But going forward, the event will be about more than just old race cars, says O’Neill. For example, this year’s Velocity featured a hybrid-electric hypercar called the Czinger 21C, a 1350-hp two-seat limpet that uses extensive 3-D metal printing in its construction.
“We want to provide education, electrification, what is the future of cars in a carbon-neutral world,”

No thanks.

O’Neill says he maintains a strict “no assholes” rule

Good luck with that one! (Even without me there.) Attendance will be minuscule.
Intermediate Driver

I attended both events - 2019 Sears Point and 2021 Laguna Seca. They were nicely set up, presented well, and had fantastic cars.

The standard ticket prices for Velocity’s Laguna event were on par with the August Historics ($135 vs. $120 for 3-day GA pass). Spending $$$ for parking was unnecessary - free parking was centrally located in the old lakebed.

I don’t care about the wine & cheese stuff - I’m just there for some awesome cars & racing. The Mini vs. Mustang night races were a blast! McLaren’s participation was impressive - from Zac Brown’s motorhome (frequent flyers of BaT know the one) to their squad of F1 cars. There were six 917, a cluster of Ford GT race cars, four 1960’s Gurney cars (one being his Spa winning F1 car!), along with all the cars present for racing…and only one electric car 😉

The only real issue I had was the small field sizes. Attrition caused problems for the Sunday races, reducing some of them to only a small handful of cars lapping around.

I do believe Velocity’s Laguna show did raise the bar…it will be interesting to see if/how Laguna’s August Historics/Reunion team reacts. The Revival is one of my bucket list events. Unfortunately, I probably will never be able to get over to Goodwood, so I greatly appreciate anyone willing to try bringing a bit of Goodwood to the US.
Intermediate Driver

Anyone who has ever been to or watched via the internet either the Goodwood Revival or any of the Goodwood Members meetings (which actually feature even more diverse fields with even closer racing) knows that the quality of the driving is first rate and that the racing is more often than not wheel to wheel and fender to fender in multi-million dollar cars.
The cars that run there are certainly not garage queens, and the Revival races are certainly never a 'parade' of rarely seen cars unless they are clearly running the occasional demonstration laps. And yes...occasionally some of the drivers become "assholes", because that is what occasionally happens when people race vintage cars hard. Even multimillion dollar cars.
I believe that the Monterey Motorsport Reunion or any SVRA event more closely reflect the true values of vintage racing (and in that respect are closer to Goodwood without the period clothing) for both drivers as well as fans (at a much better price point) with actual wheel to wheel racing.
Why not combine the events and truly create something special that more fans can afford to attend?
Those haloed race cars that for the most part sit in collections can be on display for all to enjoy, and full fields of vintage racers who like to get their hands dirty and race hard and close on the track can provide great racing for the fans...unfortunately occasionally getting in over their heads and thus becoming "assholes".