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Hagerty Employee

Vellum Venom Vignette: The other DLO FAIL?

Hagerty Community member Odeen writes: Hi Sajeev, I've been a fan of your work for ages, and I've been meaning to ask for your opinion about this. Given your stance on DLO FAIL, what are your thoughts about door-skin-mounted mirrors and the black plastic triangles at the base of the A-pillar, like the Ferrari SF90?
Intermediate Driver

The LH, infamously, had to do some part-shuffling to get that (truly awesome) interior space. I can think of nothing more indicative than the battery being relocated to the front passenger wheel well.

Sajeev is correct, this is necessary to allow the side glass to lower into the door. Another factor is whether the mirror head is carryover (i.e. shared with an existing model). This will dictate whether it's mounted on a stalk or onto the sail panel (the technical term for that little triangle of black plastic).