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Hagerty Employee

Vellum Venom Vignette: Mid-engine supercar DLO FAIL? | Hagerty Media

Like cheating on a midterm, a car design studio's DLO FAIL is a shameful display which rarely gets its comeuppance. Except when we call it out on Vellum Venom. So here's a quickie definition for those needing to catch up: DLO FAIL is when a styling team designs a daylight opening (i.e.
Intermediate Driver

"Direct from the crime scene, this is Sajeev Mehta." Good job, Agent Mehta. I mean, the Senna?!
Community Manager

Maybe CSI Sajeev could be a spin off of this series.


Sorry no, CSI Sanjeev.  

New Driver

CSI Sanjeev would drive a Chevrolet.
Community Manager

I was thinking Buick, but that's fair. 

Advanced Driver

This is one of your best! While I appreciate the attention to detail in the regular Vellum Venom articles, please continue with more FAILS, as there are way too many “What were they thinking moments?” in current automotive design. My personal FAIL, which I always look for, is how badly the A-Pillar is integrated with the hood and front fender. Almost always a FAIL these days.
Community Manager

Thank you for the feedback, that's actually great to hear. I will do more short Vignettes, maybe not just FAILs because there's so much more to car design than calling out poor translations from sketch to production line. 


I agree. It's lazy. When Nissan did the black plastic bit to create the "floating roof" thing and it got copied by everyone I just wanted to paint it in the rest of the body color. It's a similar fail to the fake window of nothingness.
Community Manager

Very true. It's almost as bad, except they wave this particular flag more proudly because its a bold notion to connect the greenhouse that way. I admire the spirit, hate the execution.