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Hagerty Employee

Vellum Venom Vignette: Asymmetrical anxiety at the Disco? | Hagerty Media

Hi Sajeev, This is more of a Vellum Venom question, rather than a Piston Slap: I'd love your opinion on the current Disco (i.e. Land Rover Discovery), and why the rear end just doesn't work. I can understand what they're trying to do, but why does the offset numberplate work on the Disco 4, but not on the 5?
Intermediate Driver

Yup, the D4 had a "place" for the license plate. Difficult to explain but it makes sense with all the work the designers did around it. The new on is just off center followed by a shrug from the design team.

My 1997 Audi A6 (worst car ever) had a much smaller passenger exterior mirror than the driver side. I never really understood the reasoning for that asymmetry. I kind of get it, but... seems kind of silly for 2 inches of space savings.
Community Manager

"all the work the designers did around it"


That sums it up perfectly. 

Community Manager

Looks like I was wrong-ish about the Disco 5's roof. It doesn't have Alpine lights but it does have a rear roof window that's wider and slightly extends down...sort of an homage to the Alpine Lights of yesteryear.  

The article has been edited to reflect this.