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Hagerty Employee

Vellum Venom: 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista

Legendary design firm Carrozzeria Pininfarina penned the lines for famous Ferraris through the decades, like 250 LM in the 1960s, the 512 BB in the ’70s, and the 1984 Testarossa. However, ties to the legendary Italian company began to unravel upon the 2013 introduction of the LaFerrari supercar (styled by Ferrari in-house) and Pininfarina's sale to Mahindra in 2015. The deletion of Pininfarina’s signature from Ferrari’s collective flank is unfortunate, but it parallels the removal of Fisher Body’s logo from the sill plates of General Motors products: and we all got over that, probably. 


While the 488 Pista (or "track," in Italian) may not have Pininfarina’s blessing, this heavily modified, track-special Ferrari 488 rarely disappoints. So let’s pour these Italian lines over the vellum to see what all that extra cash (roughly $107K over the "base" 488GTB) visually generates for 488 Pista owners.


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Advanced Driver

I'm not so worried about Ferrari losing Pininfarina. What's sacrilegious is Mahindra making off with it!

Community Manager

People seem to be fine with the products coming out of Jaguar-Land Rover after Mahindra's purchase, so I doubt there's cause for concern.