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Vellum Venom: 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C7)

The 2019 Corvette ZR1 is on the verge of becoming a classic; the pinnacle of front-engine Corvette performance has an instant following among Corvette collectors of all ages. If current online chatter turns into a trend, ZR1s with seven-speed manuals and that massive rear wing (RPO ZTK) are likely the most desirable of the bunch. While heavily based on the Z06, the one-year-only ZR1's functional styling upgrades play a part in its future prospects.


It's hard to make other C7s look mundane or even malnourished, but the muscular ZR1 makes it clear General Motors broke the mold with this design, which we must examine on the vellum.


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The Corvette Action Center had a 2019 Corvette ZR1 Registry built with production information on every ZR1 built that year:


Community Manager

I bet this data will be referenced more and more often as the years go by and people need it to value their ZR1s upon purchase/sale. 

Intermediate Driver

Great as always.

I'm not a Corvette guy so I've never really examined the C7. This is the closest I'll probably get and some of the details while puzzling nevertheless make a whole that, if nothing else, is interesting to look at.

The black A pillar thing doesn't work for me, on any car. My Legacy wagon has no D pillar which is supposed to make it look like it has a floating roof. For some reason it works for me on the back, but not on the front like this, the GTR, and the Scion tC. My wagon hides the pillar behind the glass. When it's in the front it looks like you have a black painted A pillar.

And of course, I can never miss the chance to complain about black wheels. These are really attractive designed wheels, it's a shame they are hidden. But, maybe they wouldn't have the same directional look in silver.

Community Manager

Ya know now that you mentioned it, I would really love these wheels in silver.


I also like blackout D-pillars, your Subie is a great example of why this (relatively) affordable design visually streamlines the body. The 91-96(?) Explorer vs. the 97(?)-02 D-pillar is another example. 


While the C6 is my favorite modern Corvette design, I'm still a big fan of the C7 design. It is identifiably a Corvette but it isn't chained to the past like the modern Camaro. The base car is good-looking, and the widebody looks even better, doubling down on the aggressive nature of the design. Unfortunately the success of the C7 influenced the design language of the C8, and man, does the C8 not work visually.

Community Manager

It's funny how the C6 is now somewhere inbetween the "boring" C5 body and the radical C7.  I miss pop up headlights, so I am still a sucker for the C5.