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Hagerty Employee

Vellum Venom: 1987 Porsche 928 S4

The energy crisis, air pollution concerns, occupant crash protection, and the terrifying prospect of stagflation all weighed heavily on Porsche during the 1970s, but Porschephiles loyal to the 911 never cared for the fruits of their revised business strategy. Perhaps things have since changed; indeed, the current 991/992’s demeanor owes more to the Porsche 928 than air-cooled 911s of yore.


The 911’s heir apparent reached its final form in November 1973, penned by a design team headed by Anatole Lapine.


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Pit Crew

Loved this. I only wish you had a side-by-side-by-side with the original car and a '90ish GT to show the (d)evolution. 

Community Manager

The GT isn't a very big step forward/backward from the S4...but since you mentioned it, I need to get my hands on a 928 (or an S) for a follow up.  


I like the aggressive look of the GTS rear quarter panels. That, and the body colored rear spoiler and reflector connecting the rear light pods. You didn't mention the interior design which was miles ahead of the 911 and much better thought out.


928's are a polarizing design for Porsche aficionados but they hold up pretty well compared to contemporary cars. I love mine but I realize it's an acquired taste.

Community Manager

Yeah I'd like to spend time with interiors, but these articles are too long as-is with the level of detail I do.  The 928s interior is not only fantastic and superior to the 911, it inspired both the Z32 Nissan 300ZX and the 4th Gen Toyota Supra.  


There is that one 1/2 of  year...  The 86.5... It's a lighter and more simple car with all  the S4's the go fast stuff.  Find one with a 5 speed and you're in 928 heaven.    Only the 86.5 has the OB or original body with most of the S4's performance bits under the skin, including the

upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes and the first 4 valve motors.  The early 4 valve motors (85 and 86)  make great power too becasue they weren't subject to more stringent emissions standard that were met in 1987.    The 86.5 is the one to drive, have, enjoy and hold on to.  

Community Manager

I had no idea the 1986.5 model existed.  That is fascinating!