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V-8 Bronco isn't happening, Ford says

Grab a tissue: Ford has no plans to build a V-8-powered Bronco. Muscle Cars & Trucks got the hard truth straight from Ford global program manager Jeff Seaman and Bronco chief engineer Eric Loeffler.


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New Driver


New Driver

I say this as a multiple Ford (and Bronco owner).


Then Ford will simply not be on the same level unfortunately as the Wrangler. 


Leave a V8  to the aftermarket I guess but it seems silly that they can't focus sales on Turbo-V6 and then offer a naturally aspirated V8 (make it ridiculously expensive then the take rate will be lower). 


Have you guys driven a Turbo F150 vs a V8? 


The turbo is great for certain things but what about longevity and real world towing.  

There is no replacement for displacement, so I guess I'll wait for Hennessey et al. to put a Godzilla 7.3 in one.