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V-8 Bronco isn't happening, Ford says

Grab a tissue: Ford has no plans to build a V-8-powered Bronco. Muscle Cars & Trucks got the hard truth straight from Ford global program manager Jeff Seaman and Bronco chief engineer Eric Loeffler.


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New Driver


New Driver

I say this as a multiple Ford (and Bronco owner).


Then Ford will simply not be on the same level unfortunately as the Wrangler. 


Leave a V8  to the aftermarket I guess but it seems silly that they can't focus sales on Turbo-V6 and then offer a naturally aspirated V8 (make it ridiculously expensive then the take rate will be lower). 


Have you guys driven a Turbo F150 vs a V8? 


The turbo is great for certain things but what about longevity and real world towing.  

There is no replacement for displacement, so I guess I'll wait for Hennessey et al. to put a Godzilla 7.3 in one. 


Yeah, driven a F150 EB, V8, and quite a few Super Duties.  Family all has them now.  Sad trombone, GM. 
v10 stink, 5.0 is good, EB is good, 7.3 diesel is just (painfully) slow, but really good.   The 275 (or whatever) horses all must be Belgian draft horses when compared to the 5.0.  
6.7 diesel is amazing.  7.3 gas motor is outstanding.   
The 7.3 is almost like 6.7 towing with V10 fuel economy.