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USPS can only afford to electrify 10 percent of its new Oshkosh mail truck fleet | Hagerty Media

The United States Postal Service recently selected Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense to build the replacement for its aged LLV mail truck, and the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle was unveiled this week. Despite its mildly dopey look, the long-awaited NGDV is appropriately packed with creature comforts and essential technology.

Not that someone here would necessarily know, but I wonder why a hybrid (or better yet, a plug in hybrid) drivetrain wasn't specified instead of the ICE-only version? It's not like we don't have lots of experience with them now and even a limited amount of electric only operation would be helpful.

We see electric vehicles in private fleets, Frito Lay for example. Not too many. For government agencies it seems to be as much a question of functionality as making a statement. Not their money, practicality be least from the congressional point of view.

Anti-lock brakes... if you're locking the wheels of this baby at 6mph, you've got bigger problems...

ABS may come into play continuously in foul/snowy weather. The carriers in my neighborhood are either full throttle or full brake at all times.

Our mail carrier frequently locks the brakes in the gravel shoulder on the LLV, while pulling up to our mailbox.
Intermediate Driver

Yes, agree with geozinger. Too bad Generous Motors quit building the Volt; the Volt drivetrain and battery would have been perfect (both apparently were made in the US, both in Michigan, I was told when I bought my used Volt a few years back from a Chevy dealer).

OPM at its’ best.
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It would be interesting to know why Oshkosh Defense got this huge contract to manufacture these vehicles, especially since there are a number of actual civilian truck companies quite capable of producing both ICE and EV versions. This vehicle company manufactures large tactical vehicles for the military. Can you say PORK.

Respectively disagree, just because it's, Oshkosh Defense part doesn't mean it can't bid on civilian projects, and if the judging declares it, get the contract. The pork part makes no sense.


It's going to need AC with the front cabin having more window area than a green house. Sheesh

Funny thing, the original USPS LLV was only planned to last for a limited time, like 20 years. Now going on 30+ they still are a good vehicle, but not up to current technical capability. No surprise.
The new one looks like an industrial designers joke, or a fugitive from the CARS franchise!

So the Feds consume over 2 full plants production of vehicles. What is wrong with THAT picture?

A coal powered mail truck. How novel.

The USPS is already hemorrhaging cash and their service is extremely poor. I have approximately 3,000 pieces of mail per month for my company - NOT mailers, these are actual live checks, proceeds - and the failure rate is around 4.5%
Sure, blow some more cash on vehicles that nobody actually has a true total cost of ownership and dearly overpay while doing it. It is just a matter of time until UPS or FedEx or somebody else big makes the gubment an offer it can't refuse and then the mail will be "fixed". Until then, just keep arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

The USPS should have been gone long ago...can you run a private business on massive loses, while continuing to take out loans you can’t possibly ever pay back?!?!

“... the USPS can only afford to electrify 10 percent of its new Oshkosh-produced fleet...”

Interesting. Yet the powers that be continue to ram this EV crap down our collective throat.

And technically they are bankrupt, and can’t afford any new vehicles.
New Driver

How big are the sunvisors on that thing?!? 😳🤣

I think the mail van will be a good real world test for the EV
We seem to have made some good improvements on range, but the big question that a lot of EV discussions tend to dodge is the charge time that goes along with that extended range - particularly for vehicles that are going to challenge that range on a daily basis
The next big question is going to be power service. We have already seen in Texas what happens when unusual weather taxes the electrical infrastructure. It will be an interesting experiment as to what happens when we start moving 1/3 of total energy consumption into the same basket of eggs that power our homes and businesses
Hagerty Fan
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Coal don't freeze not even when it's being burnt. Works very well in sub freeze weather unlike frozen turbine towers.
Intermediate Driver

Is it just me or does this ugly thing look top heavy? And check out that massive windshield!
Intermediate Driver

This is the new electric mail truck for USPS?

Shut the USPS down, and stop wasting our hard earned tax dollars on it, and all the other BS pork that you government a-holes keep wasting it on!

Did Chip Foose design this butt-ugly monstrosity?