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Upgrading the distributor comes with plenty of issues and choices

(First, a quick plug: My new book, The Lotus Chronicles: One man’s sordid tale of passion and madness resurrecting a 40-year-dead Lotus Europa Twin Cam Special, is now available. It’s a deep dive into the passion involved in buying, resurrecting, and owning a car that others might have given up on. You can find more information at the end of this column.)


Speaking of the Lotus, when I finally got its engine rebuilt and installed last spring, I reinstalled its original Lucas distributor, which was still wearing the cap, rotor, plug wires, points, and condenser it had when it was put into storage in 1979. Hey, it functioned, sort of, and at that point there were still so many things on the car that didn’t ... Read the full column on


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nice! Went thru it w/o vac tune, carb, etc.  May B a statement abt "ign tune 1st" & relation to full tune could help (but this is not 'a how to' I guess, anyway) others beside the Pertronix, how some of us use a trigger wheel, need to replace condenser/points as constant maintenance (if a DD) - poor quality of today's manufacturing of these prts I don;t know. Glad U mentioned the coil-match-up need. 

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