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Update: Mid-engine Mustang mystery solved!

In case you missed it last week, Ford Performance put the word out that it was having difficulty identifying an old mid-engine Mustang prototype from a series of images dating to 1966. Several ex-Ford employees and experts were stumped, but according to Jalopnik, Ford’s current archivist put the word out to the right people and came through with an answer. Read the full article on

Replies (7)

Replies (7)

Since this was such a mystery and no one hardly knew about this car, can we please not use this as a reason to make a rear engine mustang?


I've never seen these photos of the Mach 2.

Looks like the love child of a GT40 and a Lotus Europa. The last photo is not bad looking, it may have been an interesting concept.

Intermediate Driver

Throw some 'Mustang parts' on a consept car & call it a Mustang ?


Only mid-engine Factory Ford _


_ITILIAN out doing

the Ford Factory

_ _Pantera

Pit Crew

It would be great to find out if the car is in someone's collection


I recall seeing that car on display with my father at COBO hall during their annual car show there.  It was red.  My father later took me to Kar Kraft in Detroit where I saw it again.  Many years later he took me to Kar Kraft in Livonia Michigan where I saw a 69/70 mid engine mustang which I later found out was a mid engine Boss Mustang and only one was produced and tested before it DISAPEARED somewhere.  I DON'T HAVE IT!!!


WOW! This would have been a huge seller!


"To his recollection it’s the only mid-engine made at Ford."


What about the Mustang I concept from 1962?

New Driver